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SPC 组合接头

Designed specifically for sequential injection, SPC plates are both compact and highly efficient in terms of flow rate. Circuits can be connected by rigid tubes on the side, or directly on the underside of the fixed plate. Non-spill flush face technology preserves the integrity of fluids during connection and disconnection.

Application: Centralized supply for hydraulic control of valve gate cylinders and closure of sequential injection circuits

Technical specifications

  • Bore diameters (mm): 03 – 05
  • Max. working pressure (bar): 100
  • Operating temperatures (°C): -10 to +100


  • Hydraulics oil


  • Please contact SHENSHEN MOULD for details

Other features

  • Proximity sensors available as an option

More information

 Hangzhou Shen Shen Mould Ltd. was established in June 2008, is located in the paradise of Hangzhou West Lake ---. The company mainly produces and sells Peiline quick connectors, has won China's national food safety testing and certification authority, quality and safety of fully reached the international advanced level of technology. Peiline Water connector is fully compatible with Staubli, DME, HASCO, PARKER, Nitto and other major brand standard。
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